What is it?

A Summer Challenge is an informal and sociable competiton between teams of 2 photographers which takes place over a couple of hours at the end of each summer month (May to August).

The Chairman starts the ball rolling by organising the first challenge. He will decide the venue, the date, time and meeting place and select the teams.

What are the rules?

Who can take part?

Challenges are open events and prospective members or guests are warmly welcomed.

Who does the judging?

After the final upload date all participants will get access to a gallery showing the other teams images (but NOT their own). There is also a panel where points can be awarded for each submitted image. After a fixed period of time the points are totalled, and the team with the most points are the winners.

What are the winners prizes?

The winners receive a `modest` consolation prize each. Why `consolation`? because they also have the dubious honour of organising the following months challenge.